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lundi, 08 août 2005

Chuis une fille de la night moi



I believe in the wonder
I believe this new life took in
like a God that I'm under
there's drugs running through my veins
I believe in the wonder
I believe i can touch the flame
there's a spell that I'm under
got to fly, I don't feel no shame

The world is mine


Ahlala voila, ca va etre "le tube de mes vacances en France", je suis bien definitivement etrangere! (je croyais que David Guetta etait connu internationalement moi)

Aprem a la plage (et c'est pas fini), en terrasse de bar, et nuit de folie a la Maro (boite en plein air assez geniale, photos) - en carre VIP s'il vous plait. La vraie touriste!



I've lost my fear to what appears
I do my best
The world is mine
You took the price and realised
That's in your eyes
The world is mine



Mon etat d'esprit actuel est: pas envie de rester, pas envie de rentrer.

Je sais que c'est pas la vraie vie, tout cela n'est possible qu'en vacances. And i belong to London...

Mais le soleil, les cigales, Greg, Yann, Mag, Mick... Bouh.. (pas forcement dans cet ordre hein)


Greg est parti ce matin, toute mon energie est mobilisee pour ne pas laisser le cafard s'installer. Pensees positives, cafe, musique, HitForme (c'est quoi ce truc bordel!?), tout y passe.


Ha là, là, là, là. C'est un bonheur de s'endormir au petit matin, au frais, et de se réveiller vers 14 h pour l’apéro au bord de la piscine…

Écrit par : Petit Nicolas | lundi, 08 août 2005

Do you know the concept of Stille or Silent Disco? Here's the wrap-up: Ever seen or used wireless headphones? Imagine a regular club setup with all of the lights, smoke, DJ, and party people. Where is the sound? Did we miss anything? No. Examining the people more closely, everyone is wearing wireless headsets and enjoying the sound. As a visitor, YOU can select your preferred volume and if it is really sophisicated like at the first Stille Disco I visited, you can even switch between two channels and listen to two differen DJ sets. When you take off your headphones, you face a comfortable atmosphere with unobtrousive ambient lounge sound in the background. Ideal to have a conversation without yelling

“He’s a monster! A silent dancing monster,” raved Veronica Dougherty. It was Saturday night, and a shy-looking boy had stumbled inside from the garden at Stain Bar in Williamsburg. Ms. Dougherty, a 32-year-old artist, flashed him a broad grin of approval from her barstool. Dripping sweat behind his glasses, the boy smiled and shuffled over wearily, a beer-starved refugee from the disco action outside. But to what subtle song had he been shaking that ass? ...

Disco Decibels Demolished - Williamsburg Insanity as Netherlanders Foist 'Quiet Disco' Euro-Plot by Jessica Bruder - The NY Observer

Écrit par : Petit Nicolas | lundi, 08 août 2005

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